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February 2021




I am a Gestalt therapist. I teach Gestalt (and Family Constellations) internationally, especially in China. I have a career spanning 40 years. I also have a private practice, most of it by internet.

I have a number of specific projects . One in particular - I filmed my entire teaching curriculum - 82 hours, 34 modules. I want to make it available for PD points for professionals, and will also be relevant for students. I am mounting it on Thinkific.

Hence I need an assistant who is multitalented to help take this project forward, as well as others that I have.

Here are my other websites

Obviously, apart from your skills, there needs to be a gel between what I am doing, and your enthusiasm.  I need to feel you 100% behind what I am working towards.

I use the Asana framework to manage all the work I delegate to you.

Skills required

1. Computer:

-you need to be using Macs. Everything I do is on a Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. You must be completely native to Mac. I would expect that you would have both a mac computer and an iphone. Ipads are cute, but not useful for the work I would need you to do. You need to be familiar with using iCloud.

-you need to be technology friendly and a fast learner

-you need to be familiar with Word, Pages, Numbers, Indesign, Acrobat Pro, Evernote,  some small amount of Photoshop,  WeChat, Filemaker. Not a lot of database entry regarding spreadsheets - I use them more to tabulate information.

Any software you dont have, I can give you a copy, so I dont expect you to buy anything.

I don't use Google for anything. I am in China a lot of the time and Google doesn't work. So I don't use Google Drive, Google docs, Google storage, or Google calendar. I also have zero interest in Microsoft products. I use Word sometimes when I have to, it does certain things, but not apart from that. I use Keynote, Numbers etc. Not just because I am a Mac Nut (I am); because they work better, and are better designed. And I have a Mac.

So you won't impress me by rattling off a list of Microsoft products you can use, nor Google products.

2. Design:

-I would like you to have some basic layout and design skills.

At the least, able to layout word processing documents in a straightforward way. I dont mean fancy - I mean a good eye for clear design.

I have all my websites in Freeway pro, now has become Xway. I have one in WP, though I dislike wordpress - someone else did it up for me. The new one will be on the template of Thinkific. This job does not involve much WP work.

Experience putting together LMS's would be useful for this purpose. I dont mean content design - just compiling elements. In this case, primarily Thinkific.

3. Marketing:

-Some  knowledge of marketing would be good. I particularly reference people like Ramit Senthi, and Tad Hargraves (Marketing for Hippies). My products are highly professional, so the marketing has to be intelligent, targeted, and niched.

-I do need some of my websites more SEO friendly, so some knowledge of that would be useful.

-You also need to be able to talk with people - some of the marketing will probably involve this, so you need English fluency, as well as being able to be clear and articulate. And I expect that you are on top of grammar and spelling.

-Some knowledge of using Google analytics would be good (ok, thats one place that I use Google).

-Some knowledge of A/B testing, using heat maps, etc. would be good.

But, the fact is I am employing a marketing agency for one of my sites, so marketing is not a primary activity at present.

I dont use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for marketing, and I am not interested in doing so. I have a full time organiser in China who does all my marketing there, and I am not myself going to use social media for that purpose. The marketing agency is doing paid adverts, which is fine by me. I am way too busy doing my work to be directly involved with marketing, other than overseeing it. So I am uninterested in social media campaigns - other than paid ones.

4. Research:

-A good ability to research on the internet. You will need a fast speed internet connection - preferably at least 80mbs. Everyone thinks they can research on the internet, but actually there is a degree of skill in quickly finding core information and honing it down. For instance, I have a lot of articles which require the references to be looked up.

5. Typing - I expect you to have a consistent touch typing speed of at least 65wpm. You will not be typing up large drafts, but I consider such proficiency to a minimum requirement. I will repeat - you must be a fluent touch typist.

6. Referencing - it would be good if you have some understanding of academic referencing formats. That is necessary for organising the readings for the courses.

7. You need to be highly responsible, and work without me directing you every minute. I am very clear on what I want, and do my best to make that clear to you. I expect you to be able to follow directions accurately, and grasp the nature of my business, and what I am trying to achieve. I hate micro managing - I like to give you space to work. And at the same time, I need to carefully monitor what you are outputting to ensure it is in line with where and how I want to proceed.

8. I expect you to be able to attend meticulously to detail, and at the same time, work briskly and efficiently.

9. Some knowledge of the field of human development in general, and psychology in particular is valuable.

10. Please see the list of competencies I expect you to perform, below.

11. I expect you to be really resourceful. I did up this page for the job in 15 minutes. I expect you to be equally resourceful.


This is a long term view. I want someone to work for me on a permanent part time ongoing basis.

Working hours

I want 20 hours a week of your time. During those hours I expect you to be focused, work hard, and be productive. The actual times you work in a week are completely flexible - you can fit those hours in, any way you want. You just keep me informed of your working times.


I will pay you a flat rate of $200 per week. Thats a non-negotiable figure. As my projects start to bring in the money, that figure can increase in the future. At present, its all money out, money out. My preferred method of payment is Paypal, though if you are in China, then it would be WeChat.

Starting date


To apply

Email me at:

Or if you have WeChat, my ID is my Chinese phone number: 18516315629. You can contact me that way as well.

I ONLY accept applications by email or WeChat.


I am looking for someone who can 'get' what I want. That means, you can tune into my goals, my ethos. So that starts with your application. Frankly, most people don't really bother reading either my criteria, nor my other websites. I am looking for someone who is articulate, smart, on the ball. Please don't just make broad claims about how good you are - that doesn't convince me of anything. You need to demonstrate your competence to me, including with specific examples. I want to know your work history, your achievements, and any limitations you have that you recognise. I am hiring you, and your skills. So I need to get a sense of you, including where you live. I am interested in your capacity to self reflect as well. Because without that, you are likely to have a gap between how you see yourself, and how you actually operate. Do not send me links to your resume. Just include it in your email. Most people applying seem to think that painting broad brushtrokes is enough to gain my attention. Everyone says the same kind of things 'I am so good at all this'. I am more interested in the specifics of your capacity to implement my projects. So for instance, my main focus is not marketing and its certainly not social media; I don't need calendar management nor bookeeping, nor managing staff or travel management. Knowledge of scaffolding LMS systems, the ability to grasp an academic curriculum framework, these are some of the content details at present.

Expected competencies