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Gestalt Therapy International provides training in Gestalt therapy through short workshops, 6 day courses, and full four year certificate programs.

In addition, we present a blog of Gestalt therapy case studies in 20 languages, useful for students and those wanting to learn more about how Gestalt therapy works. We also offer online therapy, career coaching and supervision sessions, available to an international clientele.

We have a range of workshops available on request including The Unvirtues, Family Constellations, Love & Power, Personal & Spiritual growth.

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We situate ourselves in the frame of contemporary relational Gestalt. We work and teach with an sensitivity towards shame, an awareness of the importance of support, and a valuing of the significance of context. We see phenomena as interconnected, and thus orient our work to the co-created field.

We work to integrate the best elements of traditional Gestalt therapy - authenticity, responsiblity, contact, experiment - with current advances in understanding including intersubjectivity, character styles, somatics and field theory.


Just launched:

This is a professional development website, offering Gestalt resources. There is a library of over 1,000 books; 200 Gestalt institutes worldwide are listed for anyone who wants to undertake further training. There are 200 case studies presented in a Gestalt frame and translated into 20 languages, a collection of Fritz videos, 13 full length Gestalt demonstration sessions, a line of designer Gestalt-related t-shirts, and 34 Gestalt theory units containing lectures, a quiz for CE points, and subtitled in 30 languages. Associated with the units are over 2,000 articles.

Here is a 3 minute description of Gestalt in a nutshell:


Demonstration Gestalt sessions with Dr Steve Vinay Gunther

A natural empath; vibrating with joy (40m)

Serafina - Angel wings (45m)

I and Thou - touching pain and anger (40m)

Group process: Interactive group (2hrs)